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Grand Haven Approved "Available" Sign Process Simplified for Certain Specified Villages

Placement of an "OPEN HOUSE" and/or directional sign at any property address and/or anywhere within the Grand Haven Community is not permitted on a temporary or permanent basis, and could result in a monetary penalty (fine).

Working together, the developer, LandMar, your GHMA Board and the ADC have eliminated the requirement for application to the ADC to be able to place the approved Grand Haven "Available" sign for property owners in certain specified villages.  This means that property owners in villages listed below in the highlighted column entitled "No Sign Without ADC Approval" now may place the approved Grand Haven "Available" sign on their property.

All other villages must adhere to their CC&R obligations as noted in the table below.

If any sign other than the Grand Haven approved "Available" sign appears on any of the properties in these certain specified villages without the express approval of the ADC, the property owner will be in violation and subject to the fine process.

Signs may be purchased at Palm Coast Signs (386-445-2720) or at a vendor of your choosing.